Barrier Systems

TL-85 Hydraulic Vehicle Restraint

BLUE GIANT's patented Vehicle Restraint technology centers around a non-impact "swing-up" arm design that is designed to confine a vehicles rear impact guard or ICC bar. Vehicles remain safely stationed at the dock without time consuming and uncertain chocking.
BLUE GIANT's Restraint Systems service the widest range of trucks with rear impact guards to 29" (737mm) above ground and horizontal ranges to 12" (305mm) beyond the face of the dock. Problems with bent ICC bars, lock-up from hook and impact design restraints are eliminated.
Keeping maintenance to a minimum is BLUE GIANT's objective. All our products are engineered with the focus of minimizing regular maintenance requirements resulting in significant savings over the total life cycle of the product.
Loading Dock Safety requires much more than just innovative design in vehicle restraints. So BLUE GIANT delivers premium quality Driver Communication Systems. These combinations of signal lights, controls and signage advise both vehicle driver and dock attendant of safe/unsafe, park/depart conditions. High visibility safety systems are available for automated, integrated and manual control situations.



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