Dock Levelers

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Models FH and FHE Dock Levelers are high performance systems. Push-button electro-hydraulic operation. Automatically actuated hydraulic beveled lip. Offers a wide range of safety features such as full range toe guard protection, hydraulic fail safe protection and the capability to be interlocked with our optional hydraulic truck restraint system with driver safety communications package.

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Blue Giant model M-Mechanical Dock Levelers offer excellent value. To operate, pull the release chain. Blue Giant's heavy duty lift springs do the work. The rises and the lip is smoothly powered out of the locked position. Simply walk the deck down onto the truck bed and begin loading. On truck departure, the lip automatically releases and lowers allowing the unit to be returned to the cross traffic position.

LoMaster Series Model ED Stationary Dock Lifts

The LoMaster Series Model ED Stationary Elevating Dock Lifts from Blue Giant provides a safe and efficient way to handle endless materials handling applications at grocery stores, schools, hospitals, postal services and distribution centers - anywhere a low-profile workhorse is required.
Typically, a dock lift will cost 1/3 the price of a fork lift truck and will have a quick and favorable payback when compared to the long-term cost associated with operating a forklift and manually loading/off-loading a trailer. A LoMaster Series Model ED Dock Lift will also greatly reduce handling costs, cargo damage and employee injury common to vertical transfer operations.
Blue Giant LoMaster Series Dock Lifts are available in many sizes with standard capacities up to 20,000lb (9,091kg). No Hidden hook-up costs. User ready. Before choosing, compare the benefits of Blue Giant's standard design features
Blue Giant LoMaster Series Model ED Dock Lifts can be mounted in a pit or a concrete pad.

LoMaster S Semi-Portable Dock Lifts

In the event you find the cost of forming a concrete pit/pad expensive, an economical solution is a LoMaster S Series Semi-Portable Dock Lift. The unit is installed at the dock face and mounted on locating cradles and wear plates. With its extremely low profile, the LoMaster S Series provides added versatility for ground level loading/unloading operations.
The same high quality construction features found in the stationary models are incorporated into all LoMaster S Series lifts. Each lift cylinder is encased in a weather-resistant, all steel housing. Precision velocity fuses on each hydraulic cylinder eliminates platform free-fall. All hard chromed pivot points are fitted with lifetime-lubricated bearings or Teflon coated bronze bushings. Indicator sensor bars and high visibility striping provide four sided toe protection. Sturdy steel handrails with 4" (107 mm) kick plate and barrier chains on both ends provide added operator safety. An 18" (457 mm) long lip with lifting chain on the rolling end is standard.
Minimal maintenance and product longevity - put a LoMaster S Series to work at your facility.

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